Shaq And Kobe vs Lebron And Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers Unveil Shaquille O'Neal Statue

The NBA Allstars when you grew up are very different from the ones we know today. These days the game of basketball is not as physical.

An interview with Shaquille O'neal and Jimmy Fallon has gone viral after Jimmy asked who would win between him and Kobe vs Lebron and Anthony Davis.

In your prime you think you can beat Lebron and AD, you and Kobe

Shaq without hesitation said,

Do I think or Do I know?...Yes, the answer is hell yes.

Without a doubt, Shaq and Kobe were the best players of their time. If there was a matchup, who do you think would win? Think about it and check out this montage of Shaq doing his thing on the court.





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