McDonald's Hops On The Fried Chicken Sandwich Bandwagon

If you've been active on Twitter in the past few months, then you know that people have been taking their chicken sandwiches very seriously. After Popeyes' fried chicken sandwich went viral and prompted thousands of people to go out and try it for themselves, it generated a conversation about which fast food restaurants have the best tasting chicken sandwiches. While many have decided that Popeyes and Chic-fil-A are the top contenders, McDonald's has decided to throw their hat in the ring.

In a tweet sent out on December 1st, the fast food giant revealed that they would be selling their own version of a southern style fried chicken sandwich.


The new sandwich is being tested out in Houston and Knoxville starting today. According to CNN Business Monday, McDonald's franchise operators wrote a letter persuading the chain to catch up on trend.

In a follow up tweet, McDonald's went on to describe their "two new delicious chicken sandwiches."


For the time being, only Houston and Knoxville will be able to try out McDonald's latest product. But in a statement to CNN Business Monday, a spokesperson teased that "everyone else should stay tuned for whats to come in 2020."

Photo: Getty Images



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