Tory Lanez's "Beauty In The Benz" Video Features An All Black Female Cast

Tory Lanez is nowhere to be found in his new music video. Instead, the real star of the visual accompaniment for "Beauty In The Benz Ft. Snoop Dogg" is the cast of women that are featured throughout the video.

The video starts with a woman talking about what beauty means. To her, it's all about embracing every part of yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. With that, the video proceeds to explore that sentiment through visually stunning and calming sequences of black women simply existing in every day life. It doesn't feel performative, or male-gaze oriented whatsoever thanks to the director. According to the clapperboard featured in the very first shot of the video, it was helmed by a female director called "Child."

Towards the end of the video, Alicia Keys makes an appearance and discusses what the true meaning of beauty means to her. Keys has been a longtime vocal feminist and advocator for women to find comfort in self love instead of trying to constantly meet unrealistic standards of feminine beauty.

In an Instagram post promoting the video Lanez wrote, "this video is a walking testimony on why we need to protect our beautiful black women."



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