Art Designer Has Been Placing Life-Size AirPod Stickers Around SF

People around Market Street in San Francisco have been getting pranked this week. If you've seen a single AirPod on the ground and reached down to try to pick it up, then you'll know exactly what this article is about.

Pablo Rochat, a San Francisco art director and known prankster, has been leaving stickers of life-size AirPods on the ground throughout the city. The idea came to Rochat when he noticed how many people had the wireless earphones lodged in their ears.

"I see people with AirPods all the time in San Francisco," he told Sfgate. "I got a pair myself recently, and they're an awkward shape so I drop them occasionally. I see my friends drop them, too. I thought it would be funny just to pretend like everyone's dropping them"


His prank isn't stopping there though! Rochat has made a free template available to the public through his website. I'm looking forward to hopefully spotting more of these around and seeing if I'll fall for the prank.

Photo: Getty Images



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