DaBaby's New "BOP" Video Is A "Hip Hop Musical"

DaBaby is taking hip hop music videos to the next level. In his new video for the song "BOP," which debuted today, the rapper gave fans what he's calling a "hip hop musical." The video is titled "BOP on Broadway" and features a big group of people dancing in the middle of the road.

While the first set of dancers start their routine, DaBaby is busy getting chased down by a cop. Eventually, he shakes him off and joins in to rap his verses and even dance a bit. The video features three groups of dancers. One all male, another all female, and the third all Jabbawockeez. That's right. DaBaby brought back the Jabbawockeez in 2019!

According to DaBaby's description in the video, it was choreographed by Cherry and DaniLeigh, who's known for her song "Lil Bebe." He also gives a shout out to Paramount Studios for letting them "run wild on their studio lot."

Good energy radiates from this video and, as one Youtube commenter pointed out, the dance sequence is done all in one continuous shot. Based off the ending of the video, there could be more hip hop musicals in the near future.



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