Noisey Begins Artists Of The Decade List With Tyler, The Creator & Lil Peep

There are only two months left of 2019 and the 2010s. As the end of the decade approaches, get ready for all of the retrospective pieces on what moments have shaped us the most throughout the past ten years. That, of course, includes music.

Today, Noisey got a head start and published their first two artists of the decade: Tyler, The Creator and Lil Peep. The closer we get to the new year, the more articles featuring writers making cases for various artists' impact will roll out. A lot can happen in ten years, which is why Noisey decided to give themselves the space to discuss multiple artists instead of trying to compile all of them into one neat list. We're looking forward to see who's next and to continue this trip down memory lane as the curtain falls on the 2010s.

Do you agree with their first two artists? Who else do you think should be deemed as an Artist of the Decade and who do you predict will get snubbed?



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