Lil Wayne Says Every Song He Ever Put Out Was Unfinished

Lil Wayne had some surprising answers to fan questions when he sat down in "The Bumbu Room" for a new interview.

When asked if he listened to any guilty pleasure music, he responded by saying that he doesn't consider it "guilty pleasure music" but he listens to music that isn't hip hop like Judas Priest and Nirvana. He also said he's a fan of new hip hop music and loves that it's changed throughout the years.

One of the most surprising answers, however, was prompted by the question "do you have any bad habits?" To which the rapper replied, "I believe my bad habit would be staying up to work too long and not ever being finished with whatever song i'm doing and not ever being finished in the studio." He then went on to claim that "every song that I ever put out was unfinished." Pretty impressive for an artist with three No. 1s and 24 Top 10 hits.



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