DaBaby Shows Off His Jewelry Collection In GQ Video

In his song "Suge," DaBaby claims that he "got like thirty-two thousand in one of my pockets," but he likely has an additional $10,000 - $40,000 on his wrist or neck.

The rapper stopped by GQ to give a break down of all of the expensive jewelry he owns. He shares with the interviewer that his first piece of jewelry was actually a gift from a girl, a $20K Cuban link. Which reminds him that he should probably get her something soon.

While the video is an interesting look at just how expensive fine jewelry is (he gives a great quote about how "it ain't the diamonds it's the weight of the gold") many of the viewers were distracted by the way DaBaby speaks in the video. "He talking like he in a PS4 party when he supposed to be sleeping," said one fan in the comment section. You might have to hit that closed captions button for this one.



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