Nike Recalls New Shoe After Colin Kaepernick Reaches Out

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Nike is pulling a special release of "Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July" that featured the Betsy Ross flag design that as Kaepernick pointed out, was offensive because that was the flag that represented America back when slavery was still legal. Nike quickly pulled the shoes from shelves and have asked stores to send the shoes back.

TMZ is reporting that pairs of the recalled Nike Betsy Ross flag shoes that were leaked to the public are selling online for up to $2,500! The shoe was originally supposed to sell for around $120 and debut June 29th. Nike pulled the shoe after Colin Kaepernick pointed out that the flag on the shoe has been used by white nationalists. Now collectors are willing to pay high dollar. One shoe auction site alone had a pair of the Nikes sell for $2,501. One seller has a pair of size tens and is asking for nearly $7,000 for them. The shoes were originally expected to resell for $250.

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