Warriors Owner Gets One-Year Ban and 500K Fine For Pushing Kyle Lowry

2019 NBA Finals - Game Three

Game 3 was a tough watch for Warriors fans, as they lost to the Raptors 123-109.

And while most people were watching the game, a lot of fans didn't notice the drama going on court side between Kyle Lowry and a Warriors fan. That fan later identified as billionaire and Warriors part-owner, Mark Stevens.

In the 4th quarter as Kyle Lowry was trying to save a ball from going out of bounds, he fell into some fans sitting court side, then a fan two seats a way pushes his head and his body and said vulgar language towards him, which made Lowry understandably upset.

Courtesy: Getty Images


In a press conference, Lowry said there is no need for a fan like that in the NBA and LeBron James stood by Lowry's side and wrote a in-depth Instagram post on how players need to be protected.


Warriors released a statement that said that Mark Stevens will be banned for a year and fined 500k.

Read the statement below.



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