Steph Curry Breaks Slump By Wearing Contact Lenses!

Courtesy: Getty Images

Steph Curry is only going to get better.

In a recent interview with Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, Steph revealed that he got rid of his shooting slump but wearing contacts...yeah you read that right.

"I had gotten so used to squinting for so long...It was just normal."

Thompson went into more detail of Steph's condition saying,

"He said he has a condition called Keratoconus, known in the ophthalmology field as KC. Technically, it's an eye disease in which the cornea, normally a circle, progressively thins and takes on a cone shape. This distortion has given Curry what is known as an astigmatism, which is a type of error in the way the light bends when entering the eye. It doesn't distribute the light equally to the retina and leads to blurred or distorted vision."

To put things into perspective of how great a shooter Steph Curry is, all the records he's been breaking, making 402 three pointers in a season, and making 2,469 deep balls hasn't been seeing clearly this whole time...

So now the question is, since Steph has corrected his vision is it possible he's only going to be better?

Ever since this news came out, people couldn't believe it.

Courtesy: Getty Images



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