Big Sean Discusses His Personal Struggle With Anxiety and Depression!

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Big Sean gave us a video update as he celebrated his 31st birthday.

In the Instagram posts, Sean said,

"As I'm going into another year of life, wiser, I'm definitely seeing things different than how I used to see 'em. just wanted to speak on it and share, you know, because a lot of y'all need insight just like I do and probably felt similar too."

He said last year he came to a realization:

"I'm big on energy and I wasn't feeling like myself and I couldn't figure out why. So what I did was I stepped back from everything I was doing, everything I had going on, because somewhere in the middle of it, dawg, I just felt lost and I didn't know how I got there."

Sean continued,

"I got a good therapist, I was blessed enough to talk to some super spiritual people, and they made me realize what I was missing in my life and one thing I was missing was clarity." He also said that he is "making the best music of my life."

Watch the full three part video below!

Courtesy: Getty Images



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