Dave Chappelle Teaches Will Smith How to Do Standup Comedy!

Courtesy: Getty Images

Will Smith is conquering all his fears, one bucket list item at a time.

One would think that once Will Smith bungee jumped from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon that he had concurred all of his fears. Well, apparently Smith has another fear to conquer...the fear of stand up comedy. In the latest episode of his Facebook Watch show, "Will Smith's Bucket List" he said, 

to be able to stand on a stage with a microphone and nothing else but a crowd, to me is the hardest thing in entertainment.

That's where Dave Chappelle steps in, who Smith considers to be the master of stand up. So Dave gave him some tips and even let him be the opening act.

He told Will that the best advice he ever got was, 

"you don't have to be funny all the time but you do have to be interesting all the time."

Watch the full episode below!

Courtesy: Getty Images



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