Vallejo Police Officer Assaults Oakland Native For No Reason!

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In recent video caught by a young Oakland native, Adrian, shows that he was on his patio as a Vallejo Police officer, David Mclaughlin, stopped a motorcyclist in Adrian's driveway and while he was recording the situation the officer said that he was interfering, when he clearly wasn't. He then proceeded to handcuff him and handle him aggressively.

In a post, Adrian wrote:

I am a Black man born and raised in Oakland, California who was physically attacked by Vallejo PD officer David McLaughlin, last Tuesday. In researching my situation, I learned that Mclaughlin has been involved in lawsuits related to his brutality including the fatal shooting of on August 3rd, 2018.
Mclaughlin grabbed me, smashed my face against the wall and then swung my body, knocking my head into a wooden pillar causing a concussion. He put handcuffs on my wrists so tight they broke the skin and caused my fingers to go numb. All while telling me “stop resisting” to my reply, “I’m not resisting.” I’m a Marine, and was honorably discharged when I completed my service. I have no convictions on my record; I'm not on parole or probation. I own my home, I was on the porch of this home when McLaughlin pulled his pistol on my cousin, saying my cousin looked like someone who he saw speeding earlier. My cousin was sitting on his motorcycle in front of my house. A gun had been pulled on him because he “looked like someone” the officer had seen speeding earlier. Obviously, the situation concerned me. From roughly 20 ft away, with a railing between myself and the officer, I started filming with my phone. You have the right to film a police officer in action as long as you’re not a threat or preventing him from doing his job. The officer told me to go in my house. I chose to stay on my porch and film because the situation was concerning. My camera panned and tilted, but I did not step off of the porch. At that point, officer Mclaughlin approached me as you see in the video.
Why holster your gun to come put your hands on me, if my cousin and I are a threat? This unfortunate circumstance put me in a situation where if I was to defend myself, then I would have been a hashtag. Or worse, my death would have been ignored or excused on the premise of Mcglaughlin’s irrational fear.
Officer McLaughlin should not be allowed to continue abusing his power.
This is a true story and I feel it's my responsibility to share it.

Many people have been tagging social advocate Shaun King, presidential candidate and Oakland Native Kamala Harris, and Colin Kaepernick and his "Know Your Rights Camp" to help spread the story and get justice.



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