Young Black Conservatives And Liberals Talk About Their Political Opinions!

Vice news recently brought together of black conservatives and black liberals to have a heated debated on their political ideologies, why some of them voted for Donald Trump, and what it's like to see a black person wear a MAGA hat.

The debate was mostly to show what type of speech conservatives receive from their friends and family, and also the liberals effort to understand why they would vote for Donald Trump not only from a political standpoint but also a moral standpoint. Most of the conservatives feel hate from the left, saying that they get called "Uncle Tom", "Bed Wench", and how most of their family says that their conservative values are because of their desire to be white.

On a more surprising note, all except one in the group of conservatives voted and even campaigned for Barack Obama. Which was a shock, considering his values as a politician are starkly different to that of Donald Trump. But all of them were disappointed by the Obama presidency, in the end.

Check out the full debate below!



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