Ellen Scares The S*** Out Of Diddy!

Everyone knows that if you go on Ellen's show during the Halloween season, you should expect to get scared. Ellen's latest victim was Diddy, when he came on the show to talk about the new Ciroc flavor but got a few more surprises than he expected. 

After tasting the new black raspberry Ciroc flavor, Ellen steered the interview to things Diddy might be scared of. When Ellen asked Diddy why he isn't afraid of clowns, he said, "Because Iā€™m a black man. I have so many other things to be fearful of, a clown is not gonna scare me. Iā€™m not afraid of clowns."

Cue the clown popping out of the table that made Diddy scream and jump out of his chair! Watch the hilarious clip below! 


Ellen also had a nicer surprise for Diddy for his charter school with a $50,000 check! 



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