Trump Invites Kaepernick To Participate In A Race Summit!

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From the 2017 NFL season, to now, there has been a divide amongst the US of Colin Kaepernick's decision to kneel for the National Anthem. Many conservative football fans everywhere have cursed his name, burned his jersey, and spoken horrible things about him, that including the President of the United States, Donald Trump. In a speech, he famously said of the players choosing to kneel, 

"Get that son of a bitch off the field". 

Since then the divide has gotten even stronger, with more liberal fans boycotting the NFL and not having watched a game since Colin Kaepernick still has not been signed on by a team. And though there seemed to be no bipartisan conversation to happen anytime soon, that may not be the case. It seems that Trump has invited Kaepernick to the White House to join in a race summit. Though it could be a PR ploy, it seems like a step in the right direction. 

Though it has been reported that Rev. Darrell Scott, a Cleveland pastor, is the one to propose the summit, Kanye West appeared on TMZ Live ( in his MAGA hat) to say that he is actually reaching out to Kaepernick to bring him to the White House. 

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This comes after his controversial appearance as host on SNL last Saturday where he went on a rant about abolishing the 13th Amendment, to which SNL veteran Kenan Thompson just made a statement saying that, 

"We're all entitled to our opinion, I don't know if that's the moment, necessarily, to hold people hostage like that"...


On the flip side of rants lies, Eric Reid, the safety for the Carolina Panthers, who kneeled alongside Colin Kaepernick the first time when they were both part of the 49ers, giving a well-informed lesson to reporters, of the 400 years of systematic oppression. 

Watch the clip below! 



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