Raiders Head Coach Says Khalil Mack "Didn't Want To Play Here"!

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Raiders head coach, Jon Gruden said in an interview recently that he believed that former Oakland Raider's linebacker,  Khalil Mack, obviously didn't want to be part of the team anymore saying, 

"He was under contract...He never showed up for an OTA, he never showed up for training camp, and it was obvious he wasn't going to show up for the season."

Which in the end, ended up with Mack accepting a six-year, $141 Million contract extension with the Chicago Bears! The HC went on to say how the offer the Raiders made to Mack wasn't even close to what the Chicago Bears made,

"We made an offer...I don't believe we were anywhere close to where the Bears were. The Bears made us an offer that we thought was really unique."

Courtesy: Getty Images


Despite the rocky beginning to the season and an eventual trade, Khalil Mack took to Twitter to express nothing but love for Oakland and Raider Nation.

"Raider Nation the love you’ve shown my family and I for the past 4 years has been amazing we loved every minute of it! Unfortunately it has come to an end but I will cherish my time in Oakland forever and will forever have love for the Nation!"



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