Post Malone Was Involved In A Serious Car Crash!

Courtesy: Getty Images

Post Malone was involved in a serious car crash early Friday morning, in Hollywood. 

His Rolls Royce crashed into a another car and then went through a fence and finally stopped in some bushes. According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, the accident happened around 2 am and that the car was not being driven by Post Malone, himself, but by his assistant and Post was in the passenger seat.  

There was questioning involved whether alcohol was was caused the accident, but that was not the case and luckily no one was injured. The Rolls Royce was heavily damaged and had to be towed. Post took to Twitter to tweet out,

"god must hate me lol"

If you remember in August, Post was in the private plane that blew out a tire during takeoff and had to fly around for hours to burn fuel before it could make a landing. 

We're just glad everyones safe! 

Courtesy: Getty Images



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