Balboa High School On Lockdown After Possible Gun Threat!

Courtesy: Getty Images

It was a scary morning for the students and faculty of Balboa High School. 

A suspect has been detained by the SFPD after a report came in that someone was armed on campus.

The high school is currently on lockdown and luckily there are no reports of anyone being injured. The police are sweeping the school meticulously to make sure there is no other threat to the students on campus.

A few other high schools in the area were also put on a lockdown by the SFPD as a safety precaution. 

KTVU reported that the students are in locked classrooms and a spokesperson has made a statement saying, 

"We want to urge parents, although we know you are concerned, to standby until we release further information..." 

Courtesy: Getty Images


SFPD has said that that three students have been taken into custoday and one student has non-life threatening injuries. 



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