Marshawn Lynch Makes History With Candy Endorsement!

There's at least three things people know about Marshawn Lynch: He's from the Bay Area, he's an absolute beast on the football field, and that his love for Skittles parallels most other loves. 

The love started as a young kid when his mom would give them to him and call them "power pellets". His love for the candy even took him to Houston, Scotland as a promo for Super Bowl LI which was in Houston, Texas, to give the candy to some locals, learn about the culture, and spread the word about the Super Bowl.


And now Marshawn Lynch has taken his love for Skittles a bit further by having his own pack, with his face  and signature on it. He is the first athlete ever to be featured on a pack of candy and the pack will also have double the amount of Skittles than a normal pack.

Check out the video below of Marshawn seeing his pack of candy for the first time!



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