The new trailer for Sony Pictures "Venom" is out!

The new trailer for the highly anticipated Venom starring Tom Hardy is out and gives an in-depth look at the monster. 

In the first two trailers, we didn't see much of Venom in full form, or what Riz Ahmed's character was up to, but in the latest trailer we see that Hardy's character isn't the only one integrated with the black symbiote. It seems as if Ahmed's character is building an army of monsters. 

This isn't the first time Venom has been in a movie, as he first appeared in the Tobey Maguire Era of Spider-Man films in Spider-Man 3 with Topher Grace playing Venom. But don't expect a cameo from Spider-Man in Venom as Sony Pictures is trying to make films focused solely on the villains. 

For all Bay Area fans, the film is set in San Francisco, so it's cool to see the Bay get some love in a major motion picture. 



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