R.Kelly's 19 Minute Track Comes After John Legend, Steve Harvey, more...

Man, R.Kelly has A LOT going on lately, and not in a good way. Sometimes you just have to get stuff off your chest and that's exactly what Kelly is doing on this 19 MINUTE track! On the track he vents about allegations he is running a sex cult, is financial problems and apperantly also dealing with John Legend, Steve Harvey and radio host Tom Joyner on his back. On the track, Kelly wonders:

"Why would they want to tear down another brother?"

Other topics Kelly addresses are his feelings of lack of support from black women and his community in general, stating that he has to tour "just to pay rent" He also dismisses claims about restricting his girlfriends from eating or leaving his house. In the rest of the 19 minute track Kelly makes some surprising claims including that he was molested at 14. Check it out below: 


Did you watch the whole thing?



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