Roseanne Defends Her Racist Tweet in New Video

Dang, this woman just won't shut up! By now everybody knows about the tweets that got comedian Rosanne Barr's newly rebooted show, Roseanne, canceled. The saga continues to grow after Barr tweeted that her tweets were a result of having taken some Ambient, to which the maker responded that "racism is not a side effect" of their drug. After that, Roseanne hit up some internet talk shows to try to defend her shady behavior and let the water works flow. Well, early this morning a newly released video of Roseanne was leaked in which she appears to be defending her tweet about Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett where she compared her to an ape. In the video, Barr can be heard SCREAMING “I thought the bitch was white! Goddamnit! I thought the bitch was white! F*ck!” Check out the bizarre video below:


Crazy woman needs to lay off the Ambient and just stay off the internet.

Credit: Getty Images/YouTube



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