Details on 'Annabelle 3' Got Us Shook!

James Wan is directing the upcoming Aquaman film starring Jason Mamoa but he really has his roots in directing horror films. Most notably, The Conjuring series but he dabbles in producing the spin offs too. Wan has managed to somehow make a Marvel Cinematic Universe situation out of The Conjuring series. The series, which did very well at the box office has to films under The Conjuring, Those two were followed by the surprisingly successful Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation. As if that wasn't enough, Wan is producing a prequel called The Nun, which we've seen in both The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle: Creation

Wan was recently at an event in San Diego when they asked him about the third film in the Annabelle series, he had this to say:

“Annabelle basically activates all the other haunted artifacts in that room, so it’s basically Night at the Museum with Annabelle.”

That's pretty interesting and also scary as hell! If you've seen The Conjuring  then you are aware of the room where the Warrens keep all the haunted artifacts from cases they've worked. Well it looks like something is going to let Annabelle activate all that scary! No word on a release date yet but they are aiming for a late 2019 date. You can check out the trailer for Wan's next endeavor into The Conjuring series, The Nun:



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