'The Dark Knight' Hitting Bay Area IMAX Theaters For 10 Year Anniversary

Ready to feel hella old? No, it doesn't matter. Did you know that this July will mark 10 YEARS since "The Dark Knight" was released in theaters?! That's right, the groundbreaking super hero flick has been out for a decade! To celebrate the critically acclaimed film, director Christopher Nolan is releasing the film in four cities, including one here in The Bay! IMAX theaters in LA, NYC, Toronto and San Francisco will be showing the film's one week engagement. 


The Dark Knight earned a $1.003 billion worldwide box office in 2008 It also included the late Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance as the Joker, which some fans are calling the greatest villain in ANY comic book movie. After Heath's death, which was ruled and accidental overdose, many speculated Heath's method acting ways led to a depression which ultimately resulted in his death. You can catch The Dark Knight in theaters the week of August 24th

Credit: Getty Images



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