NFL Player Adam "Pacman" Jones Gets into SLAP Fight!

Odds are you've probably heard of Adam "Pacman" Jones during his 11-year career in the NFL, well, looks like now he might be known for something else. It's not a secret that jones is a loose canon and lets his temper get the best of him both on and off the field. Unfortunately on Wednesday he had one of those "off the field" situations at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jones airport after he got into a "fist"(?) fight with an airport employee! Check out the video below:


According to TMZ, the airport trainee (who probably lost his job) said something to the woman who was traveling with Jones. Jones didn't take too well to that and after a few more words were exchanged the employee stepped up to him. This is when the Popeye's chicken started to fly! Jones proceded to fight the employee, slap him a few ties and then FINALLY knock him to the ground after getting ONE solid punch in. TMZ reports that the employee was arrested and will be charged for starting the fight. Looks like even though Jones won the fight, no one wins in this situation! The employee was arrested and lost his job, Jones probably won't find an NFL team to sign him and it looks like the woman traveling with Jones lost out on some good Popeye's chicken.

Credit: Getty Images



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