SFPD Officer Punches Homeless Man In The Face! (video)

The SFPD were escorting a dignitary, who is believed to be German Chancellor Angela Merkel, through the city on Wednesday morning when a video was caught of an of officer punching a homeless man that was resisting arrest and someone throwing a bottle at an officer.

Deana Mitchell, sent in a video to KTVU showing the scene at Turk and Hyde street of Wednesday morning. It shows the motorcade for the dignitary passing through and on the corner of the street an officer beating up the homeless man, who Mitchell said was "skipping and acting erratically." The officer had apparently asked him to stay off the road, to which the man ignored. 

More police officers appeared and one of them held the man down while the other officer punched the man several times. The homeless man seem to be struggling and was bleeding a lot down his face. 



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