BART and MUNI Are Having An Increase Of Needles At Their Stations!

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It's a problem that's been going on for a few months in the Bay Area and doesn't seem to be letting up. 

On Monday a pile of needles were found at a SF Muni station, and riders of BART and Muni are starting to get even more frustrated by the dirty and unsafe riding conditions they have to endure during their day to day commute. 

Many riders now feel unsafe when they sit down on BART, not knowing if a needle is hiding in the seat waiting to prick them, like it did to a woman in May. 

The SFPD patrols most stations during commuter hours, and have said that they have not noticed an increase in complaints and SF Muni have said that they have not seen an increase in drug activity at their stations... then how are the needles getting there!?

New SF Mayor, London Breed said that she supports putting in safe injections sites in the city, which are scheduled to open around July 1st. 



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