Warriors Celebrated Kevin Durant's Incredible Game 3 And Got Meme'd

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The Warriors were off to a slow start for Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Cavs on Wednesday night and going into halftime it seemed like the Cavs might actually take the critical game. But in true Warriors fashion, they came out the locker room and started the third quarter hot! 

Especially Kevin Durant, who throughout the playoffs has been criticized for not "showing up" and and playing to everyone's expectations. That wasn't the case for Game 3! Durant silenced the critics by putting up an impressive 43 points in 43 minutes played, with 13 assists and 7 rebounds. Not one other Warriors player even made it to 15 points. 

The major highlight of the game was in the 4th quarter with less than a minute to play, the Warriors were only up by three and Kevin Durant shot a deep three that was the dagger to the game.


In the highlight you see KD is unbothered by his remarkable shot but if you look closely Steph Curry and Draymond Green went crazy for KD's shot


...and the internet went straight to work on meme's



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