Chadwick Boseman gives a thoughtful speech at Howard University!

Chadwick Boseman gives 'Wakanda Forver' salute at Howard graduation, he had to do it!

 After giving the commencement address at Howard University, Chadwick Boseman gave the 'Wakanda Forever' salute from Black Panther.Boseman's speech was epic as well. He graduated from Howard in 2000. In the address, Boseman told the crowd to pursue life with passion and to fight for justice and equality.

 He also indirectly spoke about the Howard financial aid scandal that caused protests this year. Boseman said Howard is a "magical place - where the dynamic of positives and negatives seem to exist in extremes."He continued, "You love the university enough to struggle with it. Now, you have to continue to do that. Everything that you fought for was not for yourself. It was for those who come after."



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