Meek Mill continues to open up after prison sentence!

Meek Mill spoke about a lot of topics in a recent interview (with the Breakfast Club) about giving back after his release from jail, Meek said, "It really gave me a different outlook to see that many people supporting me at one time. It came to real life, people standing outside in the rain protesting, and actually being a part of helping me get back on these streets…I feel like I'm entitled to give back."

As for eliminating negativity in his life, Meek said, "I feel like God put me in prison, like 'all right, this your real test…this is where the real gangstas at…' I did time in prison, being locked in a room 24 hours a day…some people [social media] can affect you, but this is not a real problem…I still got a base of people that were still showing me love."Meek also said he hopes there will be real justice reform after his questionable probation violation sentence. 

He said, "They got somebody like me that got seven lawyers and can't get out of a situation, imagine someone who doesn't have the tight backing that I got going on…they'll never get relief." 

He also revealed that James Harden Called Meek Mill in prison  3-4 times a week! 

A lot of times, when someone goes to jail, you hear about how even their best friends didn't stay by their side. Well, James Harden isn't that kind of friend. According to Meek Mill, instead of forgetting about him and moving on with his busy basketball life, James Harden called the rapper 3 to 4 times a week while he was in prison and they talked for about an hour each time. So what do a rapper and NBA star talk about? Meek says, "We talking pretty girls, we talking basketball...we all over the place." It has to be nice when you're locked up knowing you still have love on the outside. 

 Check out the lengthy interview below!



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