“Black Panther” Breaks Saudi Arabia Cinema Ban

Copyright: Getty Images

At this point, what record hasn't Marvel's "Black Panther" broken? Here's one, how about Saudi Arabia's 35 year cinema ban. Mark that off the list cause the film's now broken that too. Disney and Italia Film will release the Marvel blockbuster April 18, in an AMC theater in Riyadh complete with a gala premiere. 

This will mark the the first public screening of a film since theaters were banned in the 1980s, and will bring in a new 600 leather seat cinema that use to be a concert hall in Riyadh. AMC plans to open 40 cinemas in Saudi Arabia within five years, and have 100 in the region by 2030. 

It's projected that with their under 30 crowd and affluent citizens the area will be in the Top 10 market for theater revenues in no time. 



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