Twitter Responds To Bow Wow's Album Name

Image: Getty Images

Bow Wow has announced via Twitter that he will release new music soon in the form of an album called “Edicius”, which is suicide spelled backwards.

The rapper tweeted that the name represents “relentlessness [and] coming back for more, even after death.” Bow Wow has spoken on suicide before, during an interview with Vlad TV where the rapper said he had “suicidal thoughts” after he finished his third album.

Twitter offered mixed feelings about the album’s name, with people tweeting prayers and sympathy towards the rapper, while others see it as a cry for attention, @lilherion tweeted, “Lol oh,  so that's why u did that whole fake depressed gag. Nice promo b****.”

What do you think of Bow Wow’s album name? Is it a cry for help or good promotion?



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