San Jose Father Released from ICE Back to His Family!

Copyright: Getty Images

Fernando Carillo was picked uo by ICE agents outside his daughters day care six months ago and released from their custody Monday morning! 

After Carillo was released he got the opportunity to  thank the supporters who held rallies in front of ICE headquarters.

He said he is looking forward to going back to his normal life like i going back to work tomorrow and things like going home to take a shower.

Six months ago Carrillo was dropping off his daughter at her day care when he was detained by ICE agents. ICE representatives said that Carrillo had been on their radar because he had been deported before and had a DUI conviction.

Due to the  months of rallies and court hearings, a federal judge agreed he would be in danger if he were sent back to Mexico, which allows him to be in the U.S. legally with certain conditions.

Carrillo's wife said that they are very strong in their faith so their first stop is to go to church  give thanks and their second stop will be to pick up Fernando's favorite food, tacos! 



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