Donald Glover Uploads “Deadpool” Script

Earlier this week, FX announced that it was cancelling Donald Glover's Deadpool animated series because of "creative differences." 

After the announcement, gossip rags took things further and said the reason his show was cancelled was because the star was "too busy." Glover has denied all the claims in a Twitter message that read, "For the record: I wasn't too busy to work on Deadpool."

Instead of leaving it there, Glover went on to post pages he'd written for an episode called, "Finale." The posted episode was timely and even talked about who bit Beyonce's face. There's no word on if another network will pick up the series.

Copyright: Getty Images

Check out the thread of the script below:


Click through the tweet to get the rest of the script! 

Fans of Glover have read through the whole script and are hoping that other networks pick up the episode and show soon! 



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