There was some major beef at The Breakfast Club!


Things Get Heated When DJ Envy G-Checks Desus & Mero Over Jokes About WifeThe Breakfast Club is known for controversy when it comes to their interviews with guests but during an interview with Desus & Mero, the heat got turned up between DJ Envy and the Viceland hosts after Envy confronted them about comments that were made on their show concerning Envy’s wife, Gia. 

Envy expressed that him and his wife felt they were disrespected with Desus & Mero commented on the couple’s appearance on The Real where they addressed Envy’s infidelity. 

Desus & Mero said that Envy’s wife was with him for the money which set The Breakfast Club host off, prompting him to leave the studio. Nobody could figure out the reason for the Envy’s departure especially since Desus & Mero apologized. 



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