Chris Rock Is Not Apologizing To Chris Brown!

If Chris Brown is waiting for Chris Rock to apologize to him for a joke he made during his Netflix comedy special, Breezy shouldn't wait too long cause it ain't happening. 

In Rock's comedy special, Tamborine, he makes a joke about having to take pictures of the food in his fridge and his kids' bedrooms to show he's a fit father. To which Rock says, "I'm Chris Rock, not Chris Brown." "Brown feels like Rock made a cheap comment about Brown not being a good father," a source from Team Breezy said. 

"Brown can take a joke but he felt that Rock attacking his parenting was taking it too far." Rock's people on the other hand are saying, "If Chris Brown is so thin-skinned that he's outraged by a joke, he needs to toughen up." 

Do you think Chris Brown deserves an apology? 



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