All Of This Man's Belongings Were Stolen During Pit Stop In Oakland

Photo: Getty Images

This San Diego man was on his way to relocate in Portland when all of his stuff was stolen during a pit stop in Oakland.

According to NBC Bay Area, he stopped in Oakland to spend the night at a friend's house while his van and U-Haul containing all of his belongings were stolen. After some investigating, he found his van at the Wood St. underpass and called in police to remove a squatter. Unfortunately, all of his belongings in the van were gone.

The U-Haul is still unaccounted for, as well as several of his valuables. Among the missing items are family heirlooms, several expensive bicycles worth $17,000 and more. “Anything from my pants to my trash can, computer to my bed frame. Visualize any room in your house and whatever is in it, is gone,” he said.

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