Bay Area Police Dept. Now Offers Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Kits

Photo: Getty Images

Looks like this Bay Area Police Department is taking matters into their own hands!

According to KRON 4, San Mateo residents will soon be able to get "Catguard self-install marking kits" installed in their car, courtesy of the San Mateo Police Department. Residents will be able to register on the Catguard database and will receive the following items in their kit:

  • Two ultra-destruct labels with an identification number
  • Metal etching fluid
  • Window stickers

The kits are supposed to be easy to install, but residents who need assistance can reach out to the following auto body shops for help:

  • Claremont Automotive, 945 S. Claremont St.
  • E&J Auto Repair, 317 S. Norfolk St. #3010
  • Ma’s Auto Repair & Smog, 2660 S. El Camino Real

Get more information here!

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