Woman Says Being On The Pill Affects Your Dating Life, "Not A Good Idea"

Photo: Getty Images

If you've had bad luck in the dating world, your birth control pill might be the blame.

Elisha Covey on TikTok claims that women are attracted to different men when they're on the pill than when they aren't on the pill. She also says her failed marriage is a result of being on the pill when she met the man, according to the NY Post. “Maybe trying to meet a life partner when you’re drugged is not a good idea,” she said.

Many people in the comments disagree with Covey's statement, saying "CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION," and "That’s not true for everyone. I met and married my hubby on birth control. I’m off now and I’m still attracted and happily married."

Others believe her claim makes sense, saying "Explains everything in my twenties."

Check out the video here!

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