Concord Police Allegedly Harass Family At Home Memorial Service

Police lights by night

Photo: Getty Images

A video on TikTok is calling out Concord police for harassment. According to the video posted by user Poppinprincess, four police officers arrived at a home memorial service after allegedly getting noise complaints from neighbors. In the video, the family is seen mourning their loss as one of the officers states that minors were allegedly drinking out in front of the street. The video does not show anything outside of the memorial happening behind the home.

The officer in Spanish explains to an elder,

I am here only because we got calls about the music, I understand, you are not going to pay anything. I want to speak to the minors here and want to know who they are and why they are here.

A person behind the video tells the officer they are mourning a loss that happened less than two weeks ago. As the police were leaving, the same officer turns around saying,

Just to let you know, because of the great respect you showed me, I will be here tomorrow, I will be here Sunday. The cars that are double parked will be ticketed and towed, thank you so much.

See the video posted below.

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