Student Loan Forgiveness Is Coming - Til Then Don’t Fall for These Scams

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As the world prepares for a first of its kind program to kickoff and make history there are scammers lurking hoping to cash in! Later this month tens of millions of students will get some major help in erasing billions of dollars in debt because of the White House’s new plan that will forgive student loan debt up to $20,000 per student. The Department of Education knows how critical it is to get accurate and up to date info to students and graduates that could benefit from this program. They will not only keep their site updated, known scammers are being or have been brought to court and ordered to pay hefty settlements, but they also have some tips to keep you from falling for these disrespectful scams!

~~> Make sure you’re checking for updates from the US Department of Education, Federal Student Aid or the White House -don’t know where to look, here’s a place to start.

~~> Don’t pay any upfront costs to any company promising to help take actions to help you get your student loan forgiven. The program for Student Debt Relief is free and open to the public.

~~> Don’t give out any personal information including your Federal Student Aid ID to anyone saying they will help you get rid of your debt or anyone who contacts you about your student loan debt. The Department of Education as well as the company servicing your loan will not call you to get this info. You will be contacting them and that’s when they would need some information to access your loan.

See more tips as well as do’s and dont’s to keep yourself protected from scams!

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