Back to the Office Full-Time/Hybrid? The Top 'GERMIEST' Spots in the Office

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Are you back in the office? Whether full-time or hybrid you're going to encounter some of the same communal spaces that unfortunately are still as germ covered as they were before the pandemic. That's why Lysol Pro did some test and came up with a list of the most germ covered items. From the shared bathroom to the kitchen with the coffee machine everyone touches. Let's not start on the shared fridge that some coworkers, who shall remain nameless, leave their leftovers in rotting away for longer than anyone's comfortable with! Some of these surfaces you probably guessed with ease but others may surprise you because they didn't make the list! After scientists took tests from these common places- they came up with these germ germ surfaces as the top 10:

-elevator buttons (YUP- called that one!)

-fridge doors

-coffee machine handles and the buttons

-bathroom door handles (The actual toilet didn't make the list??? What about the air dryer for your hands?)

-keyboard/mouse (We knew this ONE!)

-vending machines


-conference room TV Remote

-kitchen sink/handles (Wash your HANDS thoroughly!)

-printers (especially the ones that are shared by the office staff!)

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