Tourist Lost $10K Worth Of Items In San Francisco Car Burglary (TikTok)

If you're from the Bay Area, you know NEVER to leave anything valuable in your car!

Kelly on TikTok recently visited San Francisco and got her car broken into with all of her luggage stolen. She explained that she and her boyfriend checked out of their hotel, went to go eat and then hung out at a friends house before finding out that their luggage had all been stolen from the trunk of their car. Apparently, the windows were all intact, so the robber was somehow able to open the doors.

Using the Find My app, they were able to track down her iPad and found themselves at an apartment complex about 30 minutes away from where their car was parked. They brought a police officer with them, but failed to find the person responsible (you need a search warrant to enter someone's home).

At the end of the day, Kelly said she lost a laptop, iPad, a Chanel bag, clothes, skincare products, makeup and more.

Watch the videos below!

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