Kehlani Addresses Starbucks Video With Christian Walker

A video of Kehlani allegedly calling Christian Walker, Herschel Walker's son, an a**hole at Starbucks recently went viral. However, his video was only one side of the story.

According to Kehlani, this Starbucks location is very gay friendly with multiple displays of the Pride flag, etc. around the establishment. Kehlani had seen Walker in the vehicle behind them recording a video and noticeably zooming in on the flags. As an act of warning, Kehlani told the Starbucks baristas that Walker was there and something was about to go down.

Walker proceeded to post the following video where he approaches Kehlani and confronts the "up at night" singer.

Kehlani also mentioned that they were coincidentally on a call with their therapist and discussing misdirected anger.

See the videos here & here!

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