Mom Responds After Video Of Baby Daddy Feeding Only His Kid Went Viral

She's tired of y'all calling her the villain!

In the video below, Lisa (the mother yelling in the original video) explains that their child is the youngest and that the man knew what he was walking into when they got together. She says he used to buy all of the kids McDonald's when they were together and calls him petty for acting brand new.

"My kids have to go through a transition of our break-up as well. Yeah, me and you broke up, but my kids gotta feel it too. So now, my kids have to see only one of their siblings get McDonald's and not the rest of them? And they know it's coming from you... You used to do it for them, but now you don't want to do it for them anymore. To me, that's petty. It's not fair."

See what she had to say below!!

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