You Think Our Gas Is High - See How Much They're Paying Worldwide

Money in the chute of a gas representing high gas prices

Photo: Getty Images

Everyday these gas prices seem to continue to go UP, with no end in sight. For a gallon of gas the national average in the US is just over $5, of course with stations in California charging way more and in some instances closer to $9 or $10. We're not the only ones guzzling up this expensive gas, and we're reportedly not the ones paying the most, check out some of the highest prices internationally. They might just make you feel a little better about your last fill up. The list also includes some of the lowest prices and these prices will most likely make you UP-SET!

Hong Kong - $11.21

Norway – $10.82

Greece - $9z29

New Zealand - $7.83

Canada - $6.75

Ukraine - $6.51

South Korea - $6.02

Iran - $0.20

Syria - $1.08

Iraq - $1.94

Saudi Arabia - $2.35

Russia - $3.18

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