Top Google Search Today: 'How To File A Tax Extension?' Here's What To Know

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If you still haven't filed your taxes you can actually still make it happen today- that is, if you have all your docs and have a relatively easy return. There are various online services ready to help if you need help walking through the details. But, if you have no idea what you're doing or you're just struggling to get all the details together, you know procrastinating you can go ahead and join the long line of folks that are hitting that extension option. How to file a tax extension is of course one of the most searched phrases today on Google- here's what you need to know...

-If you're filing an extension it needs to be in by TODAY (4/18/22)

-Anyone can file for an extension regardless of your income, family size, filing status, etc

-Once you file for an extension and you do it on time you will have 6 months to get in, which means they're due by October 17th

-If you're going to file for an extension you will need to fill out Form 4868 - get all the info and file for FREE - just CLICK HERE.

-Even if you file for an extension, if you have any taxes due, you still need to make that payment

In Good News, if you've already summitted your taxes and want to know when to expect your refund - thanks to the power of the internet you can track your refund! Just CLICK HERE.

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