Celeb Advice On Making Marriage Last: Ayesha + Steph Keep It SPICY

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Now that Valentine's is behind us and it's officially Single's Awareness Day - maybe you're actually thinking about getting into a relationship and sticking with it. Or maybe you're like - Look Boo - we made it this far and I think we can keep adding time to the books....what's your secret to a loving long lasting relationship? Celebs have been opening up about their secret to keeping the love alive, trust in tact, communication lines ON with all bars of connectivity in place and the boom boom active!

Ayesha + Steph Curry talked about keeping it spicy by continuing to date each other, like taking the time to get dressed up and get to do fun things together. Steph even shared just checking out your wife and admiring her beauty! With these tactics in place the hope is for 10 more years on top of the 10 successful ones they have already.

Ashley Graham and her hubby play the 'nice game' - basically complementing one another to get rid of that angry tension that might still be in the air after arguments.

Denzel Washington and his wife are 40 years in and 4 Kids and he says the key is knowing who the real boss is, meaning listen to your wife and keep your mouth shut.

Samuel L. Jackson is also in that 40+ years and counting marriage club. He and his wife choose empathy and he shares that marriage requires you to think about that other person and consider their feelings, not just yours.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel share the same values - which is important especially if you're as career driven as these two because sharing similar likes allows for you to have fun together and cheer for one another when you're focused on your goals, which we all know can be selfish.

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